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Strategies, Tactics, and Change – Oh My!  Developing a Clear Vision for the Future State

Successful change leaders wear many hats.  One of the most important is that of strategic planner.  Without a change strategy firmly rooted in the organization’s vision, mission and values, it is impossible to ensure your change will meet the true needs of the organization.  
This webinar dives into how ACMP’s Standard for Change Management defines “Developing a Clear Vision for the Future State” (section 5.1.3) and how you can build a clear vision statement for your change initiative.

Speaker: Selwyn Swe

Selwyn Swe is a change management professional with 23+ years of global experience building strategies for transformational change, communications and leadership messaging for global Fortune 500s in IT, biotech, aerospace, automotive and healthcare.  He has stood up multiple internal OCM practices and held accountability for OCM for projects up to $200m in size.  His strategic planning experience includes building out the strategic view of an entire global Fortune 500 IT department and all sub-groups.  When Selwyn is not on the consulting road, you will most likely find him on the west coast of Florida enjoying good food and exploring the local waters with his family and friends.

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Webinar: Strategies, Tactics, and Change – Oh My!