Business and corporate partners are important in bringing the ACMP Florida mission to life.  There are reportedly over 2,000 change practitioners that serve the great the state of Florida.  In a time when change has impacted the whole world (Covid-19), investment in how we manage change whether in corporations or in our personal day-to-day lives is essential to achieve the outcomes we are looking for. Your organization can join us in our mission to grow and connect this change management community.  

In order to succeed in our mission, we need to THINK BIG.  Your support, no matter the size, will go towards bringing premium speakers to the podium, offer top-notch education curriculum, paying venue costs, catering expenses and even technology advancements.  

As we have learned while practicing change management, every person interprets change differently and therefore each person is unique.  In that same vain, every partnership is just as unique.  We will work with each partner in how we can best serve your needs while supporting our mission.  

Here is a short list of some of the benefits you will gain by sponsoring ACMP Florida:

    • Access to over 200 change professionals all over Florida
    • Increase visibility and brand awareness for your organization with logo placement or advertisement on our webpage, newsletter, social media platforms and events 
    • Opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to support the discipline of change management
    • Complimentary tickets to any events so you can socialize with our members
    • Unlimited speaking opportunities on topics that support our mission
    • Inclusion in chapter board meetings and select voting rights
    • Input into venue choices for premium events
    • Opportunities to provide prizes or give-aways at event gatherings

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