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This is the ACMP Florida Annual Strategic Planning Session of 2020-2021.  Attendees, please go to the address, park on the Dillard’s mall entrance side, about 5 to 6 store fronts on the right is the community room.  It’s directly across from Penguin Point Productions.  Call in option may be available – please email if you can only participate via phone. Time                      Topic 10:00am                Networking 10:30am                 Strategic Planning
        1. Introductions / Tour de table
        2. ByLaw Review & Changes
        3. Voice of the Customer Review/Membership Needs
          1. What is required
            1. Leadership
            2. Committees
            3. Budget
            4. Calendar
            5. Communication standards
            6. Tools
            7. Processes
            8. Other
        4. Setting of Priorities
        5. Next Steps
2:30pm                 Wrap Up

Check-In Attendees
Strategic Planning Session ’20/21